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Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Beginning to....well, Smell, A Lot Like Christmas!

Frigid, frigid temperatures, but no sign of a white Christmas here for us ~ at least not in the official can always hope for that Christmas Eve miracle. It has happened before! However, after a day filled with holiday baking, it is beginning to "smell" like Christmas...warm, sugary, sweet - no doubt we will have visions of sugar plums tonight as we slumber! :-)

Favorite new recipe this year is a white chocolate and cranberry shortbread ~ absolutely melts in your mouth and is much too addicting. Must give some away soon!! LOL!

Just finished up a batch of sugar cookies, and now Hannah is taking over the kitchen with plans for us to move on to the traditional pressed cookies - musn't forget those! Tomorrow will be the Weinacht Stollen and Buche de Noel (shh! surprise for Grandpa!) - we're heading over to Sarah's larger kitchen for those projects!

In between batches, I'm catching a favorite flick - one I can't believe I left off "The LIST" (and will remedy immediately!!) -- "The American President" -- ahh, yes, a little romance! :-)

Shop is "closed" for the holidays - reopening on January 5th - but if you are a local friend of SignatureSterling - feel free to email me or give me a call if you're looking for something. I'll be happy to have you stop by and take a peek.

Peace and joy to you and yours this holiday season...


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