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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to School Week!

Where has the summer gone? I know I can't be the only asking that question and yes, I know, it seems I'm always asking it when this week rolls starts this week and it just seems like summer has slipped away again so quickly! Hard to believe that Drew is beginning is his senior year of college (and yes, graduating on time - yay!!) and Hannah will be a sophomore in high school - wow! And Sarah is busy preparing for her own class of second graders - whew! Yep, it really is back to school week....and of course, lest I forget, that also means....THREE soccer games this week!!

Just in time for back to school -- great time to order the new "SHOW YOUR COLORS" collection! All items are now listed in the shop ~ see them below...


Girls Beaded Socks said...

WOW! Your jewelry is beautiful ~ especially the soccer ones.

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