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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bison and Giraffes and ZEBRAS - Oh, MY!!!

Ok, you've waited long enough...FIRST, you MUST see Hannah's very special b-day original, custom art print entitled "Hannah's Pride" (and now, the first in a whole series of yes, ZEBRA paintings, titled the "Hannah's Series")! The talented artist is Stephanie Chisolm of ArtChiz in NYC. For more information on "Hannah's Pride" (and on how YOU can own one of these limited edition prints or one of Stephanie's other wonderful pieces), check out this link to her shop!

We wrapped-up the b-day celebration today with a visit to a most awesome safari drive-through in Port Clinton (THANK YOU, NICOLE - smiles!).....incredible!!!

Hannah is looking quite happy with her new friends AND here's a link to more fun pics from the trip!


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