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Friday, August 31, 2007

"Hannah's Pride" Makes a Treasury!

Chiz (Stephanie) from ArtChiz let me know yesterday that "Hannah's Pride" had made it into a treasury called "Sergenti Safari" -- very cool! Fortunately, I was able to screenshot it before the treasury expired to share it here. According to to Chiz, in addition to the "Hannah Series" (zebra art prints), she is working to bring out a line of merchandise to advertise her studio based on the "Hannah's Pride" print -- hats, buttons, more fun stuff. Of course, Hannah thinks we need to plan a trip to NYC to visit her studio! Now that WOULD be awesome!
You can see all of Chiz's very cool work at ArtChiz - tell her Hannah sent you! ;-)
Don't forget...BUCKEYE FEVER more day to game day!!! Details below!


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