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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Birthday Countdown....

Only one more day to the big 1-5!! "BIG" present (shh! it's a surprise -- some of you already know...we are VERY excited -- I will post it here as soon as she sees it!!!) arrived today!!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! Can't say anymore just in case she happens to "peek" here -- ah-hah! caught you!!

Anyway, that means only 1 1/2 days left on the BIG B-DAY sale in the shop - don't miss out!! I updated the listings to show you what great savings you're getting -- temptation looms!!! SMILES!! Have fun browsing!

BTW -- response to soccer earrings has been great -- order now to get them in time for the season!!!!


Donna said...

Happy Birthday to Hannah! Hey, I tagged you...hope it may help bring a little more traffic to your blog and more attention to EtsyMoms. Check my latest blog entry to see what I mean.

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