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Saturday, September 1, 2007

GAME DAY ~ SO, how to watch it????

Finally, it's GAME DAY! And unless you are one of the lucky 80,000+ heading to the "shoe" today, then you are scrambling to find a way to actually watch the game on television if you live anywhere in Central Ohio...don't get me started! Anyway, just found a site that supposedly provides streaming download media to your website so I'm giving it a try -- MAYBE there will be a Buckeye game here later! How cool would that be! Keep your fingers crossed and check back later! video update~ok, not looking so good so far...I've got video and sound but I'm thinking you really don't want to watch Canadian offense to any Canadians (one of my best friends lives in Toronto -- smiles!), but I was really trying to connect with the Buckeye game...still going to keep trying but it's looking more and more like a radio day! it some great tennis match happening on the webcast (!) but hey, Bucks just scored! Here we go!!

~Of course, you can always still celebrate with SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIALS just in honor of a great opening day win! Check it out -- big savings! GO BUCKS!


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