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Saturday, September 22, 2007

TAG ~ I'm It, Again!

I've been tagged by Goldtone Designs....which this time means I need to list 6 things about myself & then tag 6 other goes...
1. I was "Queen for the Day" when I was born - seriously....100th baby born at the town's hospital - woo hoo!
2. Royalty then escaped me for years until I made "Track Court" my senior year of high school - yeah, "track court"....LOL!
3. Nothing better in the fall than a ripe McIntosh apple!!!
4. I was infamous in high school for breaking my leg while candystriping at our local probably shouldn't try to ride those food carts....
5. My college roomie went on to become a dog psychologist in Las Vegas.
6. I am really enjoying the Buckeyes beat NW right now!!! :-) GO BUCKS!!
Off to tag....


ccdesign said...

Hey Sue,
That was fun! Ok I have picked 6 bloggers and wrote 6 things about me.

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