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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Change at Last!

It was a very stormy night here, resulting in cancelled soccer games, but bringing us what appears to be our promised FALL weather at last! Finally can turn off the AC, open the windows and according to forecast, we actually may get chilly later this week overnight ~ how nice would that be!

Sunday is the day that etsyBEAD announces its EBTW (theme of the week) which I actually got to select for this week (Sept. 9 ~ 15): "Dressed Up Denim". So, that means new items from me are now "on special" this week only to celebrate this theme ~ if you've had your eye on any of these, this is the week to buy them on sale!
~Not So Casual Friday necklace.......... ~Not So Casual Friday earrings.......... ~Blue Moon
Not So Casual Friday Necklace Not So Casual Friday Earrings Blue Moon Earrings
Be sure to check back tomorrow for a NEW SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT/ADDITION to the blog and ONLY in the blog (NOT in the shop!!)..."JUST BECAUSE MONDAYS (JBM)"....more tomorrow...


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