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Monday, September 3, 2007

What is EBTW?..............New Pics from Hannah

You might have seen EBTW in the shop as a "section" or in some of the, what is it??? First, it means SALE!!! Good thing, right? That's because it means "etsyBead Theme of the Week" -- each week the etsyBead group selects a theme and we design jewelry specifically for it and/or list items that already fit the theme -- all at sale prices for that ONE WEEK ONLY!

This week the EBTW is a great one - "Back in Neutral" - and some of my favorite pieces are included ~ at sale prices for one week only, of course! Check them out! If they've been some of your favorites, too, this might be the week for you!

~NIGHT AND DAY necklace.............. ~NIGHT AND DAY earrings.............. ~LITTLE BLACK DRESS (jasper) earrings
Night and Day Necklace Night and Day Earrings Little Black Dress Jasper Earrings

~PICASSO IN PEARLS necklace............................... ~LITTLE BLACK DRESS (pearl) earrings
Picasso in Pearls Necklace front Little Black Dress Pearls earrings

~~~New pics "Through Hannah's Eyes" ~ ~ from out "at the farm" having fun with the barn kitties especially!


Destiny's Creations said...

Sue, Wow your blog looks fantastic!!! I am loving your Picasso in Pearls's stunning!

I am so happy to see that you are also a football fan..although you still have to love me when I tell you I am a big Patriots fan :)

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