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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn Swirl...Indian Summers

One of my fondest fall memories is of raking up a huge pile of leaves with my neighborhood friends and then spending the afternoon running and jumping, scattering the leaves all over the yard again, sometimes making giant leaf forts with intricate architecture and snaking designs - only to be wisped away by a sudden breeze. In our "journeys" across the country with our own growing family, we have lived in different areas - some offering greater fall "leaf" experiences than others...upstate NY was awesome!

We currently live in a wonderful midwestern community, but our home itself is in a growing subdivision, and we find ourselves the proud owners of one significant tree which holds tightly to its leaves until fall's last final gasp. Hence, there will be no running, jumping and scattering any time soon around here.

But, I can close my eyes and remember....Autumn Swirl..... Indian Summer
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