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Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Feature - Crocheted Little Things

It's Friday and that means I bring you another wonderful, talented artist to meet.  Want to know how you can get this spot some Friday?  If you are a blogger or artist, just become a Google "friend/follower" of this "Mid-Life Greater Expectations" (right hand column) and I'll contact you with the information.

Right now, please meet Luisa Patterson - call her "Lu," of Crocheted Little Things.  Personally, I've fallen in love with her crocheted cupcakes - and think my granddaughter would think they are pretty neat, too!

Explain the story behind your store or trade name.
My business name is Crocheted Little things. It was really a no-brainer as when I started crocheting everybody kept telling me how they liked my 'little things'.
Explain how and why, if applicable, your work has changed in the last 5 years.
I started by selling jewelry and it was a really slow sale, so I tried something new like the cupcakes at first. From there I developed a whole line of fake food items that range from sweets and treats to cute animals to fake plants (my latest addition). My photographic skills improved as well. While there is always room for improvement, I think my pictures went from dark and fuzzy to finally acceptable!
What and/or who influences your work?  What and/or who motivates you in your work?  How do you find your muse?
My inspiration comes from the daily, little things: a need for a wash cloth for the dishes, a warm garment for the Winter or the want to embellish the house.  My kids and their spirited natures are also a huge source of inspiration-They are the cause of how my cupcake obsession came about in the first place!
What do you enjoy most about your work?
I like the thrill of a sale like any other seller, but I think the most warm and fuzzy feeling comes from the feedback from my customers, seeing and hearing from them that they are using, gifting, loving and smiling at my pieces.
What is your favorite piece in your shop right now?  Why?
I think if I had to pick ONE piece that would be the frog pincushion as it's cute, funny and useful.

You can find more of Lu's fun work at her Artfire studio, Crocheted Little Things and her two Etsy shops, Crocheted Little Thing and CLT Vintage.

Find out more about Lu and follow her on her blog, Crocheted Little Things, her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Next week?  We'll see - follow this blog!


Orion Designs said...

Such cute little goodies!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the feature Mimi!!!

Adaptable Kay said...

Lu is a close friend of mine so I'm thrilled to see her featured on your website! She is such a kind and generous soul too, so she definitely deserves the spotlight ^.^

Anonymous said...

Lu in very talented and makes the most adorable creations!
Handmade Cuties

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