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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Feature - Me!

Still waiting on some more artisans/bloggers who might like a spot here -- if you're interested, just follow this blog as a GFC (right hand column) and I'll be in touch.  Also, if you know of anyone who might like the opportunity to have their work or blog "highlighted," be sure to pass this information on.  Meanwhile, today's feature is me!

Explain the story behind your store or trade name.
My shop names are SignatureSterling.  That came from my own leanings toward sterling silver jewelry, and because of that, when I first began my journey in designing and creating jewelry, a dedication to the quality of working with sterling.  The "signature" part grew out of my first pieces generally being more custom in nature - the "Scarlet and Gray" series for Buckeye fans, the "Heirlooms to Order" series ("Mama's Gems," "Morgan's Heirloom," Grandma's Gems"), the "Hope Bracelet") and also stressed my intention for my jewelry to be unique - but "for everyday...for every occasion."
Explain how and why, if applicable, your work has changed in the last 5 years.
I think my earlier work was "safe," more traditional - not that there's anything wrong with classic - there's still room in my shop for that.  But, I believe I've moved into more playful, perhaps even more "signature" designs over the last few years.  I've signed up for some online classes in wire-working and am looking forward to learning more about that area.
What and/or who influences your work?  What and/or who motivates you in your work?  How do you find your muse?
My early influences and motivation came from some extremely talented artisans who were team members with me on Etsy - Vicki Potter of OrionDesigns, Donna Mayer of  Ctbydonna, Robin of BeadNestDesigns, Lee of FivetonineDesign, Ainse of Beajoux, Brenda Smith of  Brenda's Jewellry Box, Patty Woodland of BrokenTeepeeDesigns, Kristy of ShinyAdornments, and Marcy Lamberson of StudioMarcy.  Some of us even met almost weekly at one point for an online chat with the purpose of focusing on our work but usually sharing our lives with each other over virtual and real glasses of wine.  I will always cherish those conversations and those ladies - they helped to really guide and motivate me.
Finding my muse can sometimes be a struggle - she likes to go into hiding (or rather I let myself get distracted and let her run off somewhere).  But I can usually draw her back if I just make myself take the time to "play with the beads" as I call it -- that was my first initial thrill when I made my first pair of earrings with a dear friend at a bead shop in Toronto almost seven years ago - "playing with the beads," all the colors, the textures, the patterns - it was like I was a kid again.  I was never an artist when it came to drawing, but with the beads, I feel like I've got a chance to let the artist inside me come out.
 What do you enjoy most about your work?
Well, besides the "playing with the beads" part, lol - I really enjoy my repeat customers - knowing that they've connected with my work in a way that brings them back again.
What is your favorite piece in your shop right now?  Why?
Since I'm doing this feature on myself, I'm going to cheat and pick 2 - one from each shop. :)
First, from the Artfire shop -- "Diving In"  Earrings   I love the teal blue color with just a hint of that green that is "in" this season.  Perfect for this spring and summer.

 And from the Etsy shop --  "Night and Day" Earrings   Showing there is still room for the classic in my shops, I love the look of snowflake obsidian rounds here.

You can find me on:

Artfire at SignatureSterling
Etsy at SignatureSterling
Email at
Facebook at
Pinterest at Mimi3Smiles
Twitter at Mimi_Three


brokenteepee said...

Why thank you. I don't bead as much as I would like either. No time! Your pieces are lovely.

Orion Designs said...

Sue -- love this feature and love hearing about your personal growth. I too have only fond memories of our chat sessions. It was a unique time for all of us -- finding etsy and learning how to sell online.

ShinyAdornments said...

Hello again Sue!

What a nice surprise to be listed as someone's influence. :-)

It's wonderful to hear what you have been up to; and that you are still creating. I miss those weekly chats.

Happy Easter!

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