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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Somebody Get This Woman a Drink

You thought I was going to say wine, didn't you?!  No, not this time - water, get me a drink of water, please!  Just got home from my first "official" new workout at our local Y.  Hubby and I had been members of our local hospital's wellness center, but I recently received my "Silver Sneakers" card -- insert long pause to allow for laughter (yeah, go ahead) -- I'm not proud; I wear my Silver Sneakers with pride, especially when it means a free gym membership ;)  

Now, hubby had been a long-time Y member until a couple of years ago when we made the switch to the wellness center so he was a bit hesitant to go back - he remembered it as having rather outdated equipment, being crowded, and not a lot of perks.  I went in for a tour earlier this week and came back very enthused - here's the rambling text I sent (couldn't even wait for him to get home for lunch, lol).
Just got back from signing up @ Y & taking tour. Lol. We have orientation on wellness center equipment together tomorrow night @ 6:45...I'm very impressed w/facilities!  Whirlpool, sauna, lots of equipment, tanning now available, massage therapist @ decent rate, hydra massage bed VERY COOL @ only $5 for 20 min. and we get key card for entrance to workout center when Y is closed...
Can you tell I was a bit more interested in the "perks" instead of the actual workout options?  Yeah, just a bit.  But, we did go last night for a very thorough orientation on all of the equipment.  And, I dutifully returned this morning for a cardio workout and one set on all of the nautilus equipment, including the very cool assisted chin-up/tricep-dip (but I'm not telling you how much weight I added for the assistance).  Clearly, you can tell it's been a while since I've been working out on a regular basis - I had planned on doing two rounds of nautilus, but nope, one was all I had in me.  Definitely in need of this - and not for the tanning and hydro massage bed.

So, tomorrow - it's back to the Y-M-C-A for me.  Just cardio this time...and think I will try out that hydro bed - I have a feeling I'm going to need it tomorrow. ;)


Adaptable Kay said...

I'd be pretty enthused at those 'perks' too! What I wouldn't give for a massage right about now...

Good for you and hubby, though! Getting yourself a gym membership and keeping healthy is something to be very proud of :)

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