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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Feature - Happy Birthday, Matthew!

This has been another birthday week in Mimi World - our "little" Matthew turned 2 - wow, where did the last two years go?  Matthew has been his own little man from day one as you can tell from his "newborn" photo shoot - take a look at these! 

We called him "little old man" from some of those looks.  Of course, now he's a big two-year-old and still has some favorite looks, but the one that melts my heart is the great "cheesy" smile.  I have a feeling that one will be around for a long time :)
We love you, Matthew! Happy birthday from Mimi and Seanathair!


Adaptable Kay said...

Those newborn pictures make me giggle! Oh man, he's definitely a handsome young man then AND now ^.^

Happy, happy birthday to the birthday boy!

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