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Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh, Danny Boy

A belated St.Patrick's Day to all! The "wearin' of the green" has always been a tradition for me with a family heritage of 1/4 Irish.  Now my Auntie Kaye had always claimed our Irish ancestors were the ones who built the Blarney Castle. However, my dad (Kaye's brother) would explain that was pure "blarney" or if true they were the builders not the royal inhabitants and would then remind us that his sister also had claimed to trace our family back to Jesus Christ Himself.

But now that I've "married" Irish, we celebrate St. Patrick's a bit more...yesterday we found a wonderful Irish pub, complete with music and seats by a hearth.  And the highlight of the day was this performance of my dad's favorite song, "Danny Boy."  Make sure you listen all the way through for the "clogging" version. It brought tears to my eyes, remembering Dad - our sweet waiter even asked if I was ok.  But it is a song that in any version will always tug at my heart

Warning - bagpipes tend to be a wee bit loud. Make sure to check your volume before playing video. :-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Dad! :-)

P.S.   As we are traveling a bit, the traditional corned beef WILL be served tomorrow night :)


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